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Data: 08.04.2018

Autore: FinancBroog

Oggetto: Финансовая информация

Новый источник финансовой информации: Все новости финансового мира. Форекс. Биткоин. Майнинг
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Data: 07.04.2018

Autore: Messagapuprq

Oggetto: Hi

диагностика систем управления пример

Data: 07.04.2018

Autore: Deltarybbia

Oggetto: Ошибка на частотнике экструдера

RS-485 interface has open-circuit and fail-safe biasing. 130 Designing RS-485 Links and Networks R4 protect the receiver and ensure that the input remains biased even if the wires short together. In a network, only the two end nodes have termination resistor R5, but each node has its own set of resistors R1—R4. This termination reduces the noise margin because R3 and R4 each drop a few tenths of a volt. If the network has fewer than 32 unit loads, you can increase the noise margin slightly by reducing the values of R1—R4. Multiply each value by half the total number of unit loads in the network. To calculate the resistor values in ohms, use: R1 = NumberOfUnitLoads * 1100 R2 = R1 R3 = NumberOfUnitLoads * 55 R4 = R3 For example, with just two unit-load nodes, R1 and R2 would be 2.2k and R3 and R4 would be 110 Q. Biasing Receiver Outputs On some half-duplex lines, including those with one control signal for the driver and receiver enable, the receiver is disabled at times, causing the receiver’s TTL output to be undefined. To ensure that the output remains high, add a 10k pull-up resistor from the output to +5V. You don’t need the pull up if the output connects to a microcontroller pin with an internal pull up or if the receiver drives an input to a MAX232 or other RS-232 interface chip with internal pull ups. Cable Types TIA-485-A doesn’t recommend a specific cable type, but twisted-pair cable is inexpensive and performs well in RS-485 circuits. A twisted pair consists of two insulated conductors that spiral around each other in a double helix Figure 7-12 . The pairs typically have one or two twists per inch. Catalogs may list this type of cable as network cable or alarm wire. In a twisted pair, much of the noise that couples into the wires cancels out. Another option is triaxial cable, which is like coaxial cable except with two conductors rather than one surrounded by a shield. Triaxial cable is expensive, however, compared to twisted pair. Thus, here is guideline

Data: 07.04.2018

Autore: Deltaiwiaur

Oggetto: Ошибка инвертора

Добрый день!
Появилась авария al85 на частотном регуляторе M800-10402700E. Подобные приборы ATV312H055M2, CIMRV7AZB2P20B, EI-9011-007H установленные на компрессорах работают исправно.
Подсказку нашел через rambler по запросу "pmdpb38une" . Поменял ШИМ.

Data: 07.04.2018

Autore: Deltawwpbat

Oggetto: Периодическая ошибка частотного преобразователя

День добрый!
Засветилась error 2 на преобразователе M810-08401570A. Подобные устройства ATV61WU40N4U, CIMRE7Z23P71A, L100-007MFU2 установленные на вентиляции работают.
Подсказку нашел в яндексе по запросу "buk9er7-60e" . Вышел из строя модуль IGBT.

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